This is your Sanctuary

A community of alchemists devoted to personal power, truth, and building the new earth.

What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is Reclaim your Inner Throne's online community, where you will meet sovereign alchemists and magicians who have had enough of lies, deception and propaganda, and want to be surrounded by sane people committed to truth.

Here you will find many gates into our world, including home study trainings, community memberships, Brotherhood, and deep transformational ritual spaces.

We gather to birth a new and more beautiful world, and we welcome you warmly.

Community Membership includes

Online community of sovereign alchemists 🔥 Community calls (roughly once per month) 🔥 Powerful livestreams (1-2 per month) 🔥 Full access to Eivind's teachings 🔥 Seeds of Sanctuary ritual for use at home 🔥 Advanced tools for inner, life-mastery, goal-setting and accountability

$17/month (2-week free trial available)

Note: More comprehensive memberships and trainings are also available inside of Sanctuary, and you will get to experience them soon enough.

7 Gates to Sovereignty

To ensure that you're in resonance with this community, we ask you to consider these 7 gates to sovereignty. We consider these essential for a sovereign life, and ask you to familiarize yourself with them.

Gate #1: Bodily Sovereignty

I believe that under no circumstance must the bodily sovereignty of a human being be forcibly taken from them.

Gate #2: Censorship

I believe that under no circumstance must censorship replace civilized discourse as the primary solution to disagreement.

Gate #3: Tyranny

I believe that under no circumstance must governments and corporations join forces to undermine the sovereignty of the people through hidden means.

Gate #4: Human nature

I believe that the design of nature is immaculate, and that human attempts to alter that design must be kept to a minimum.

Gate #5: Political polarization

I refuse to "other" or diminish the value of a human being based on their politics. I choose to see the human being beyond any surface disagreements.

Gate #6: Discrimination

I refuse to diminish a human being based on their ethnicity or gender. No matter what sex or race, I see the human being beyond surface appearances. In my world, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Gate #7: Victimhood

I choose to see my life as my own responsibility and aspire to move beyond victimhood into leading the best life that I can live.

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